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So I'm writing supplementary material. So far I have:

1) An epilogue - in fact an early scene from the sequel. This might stay in.

2) A fragment from the point of view of Simeon (a minor character) - it was very useful in developing his character - I'm sure I'll use what I learnt from it during editing.

3) A scene in which two characters try to invent gender reassignment surgery, though thankfully they give up on the idea while still at the theoretical stage.

4) A sex scene between two characters who fancy one another in a very repressed sort of way, but would never actually do anything about it. Fun to write, but utterly useless.

5) Another scene from the sequel.

6) A fuller description of Windrose Hall than the one in the text. I will probably incorporate this at editing stage.

7) Some family history. About the main characters' grandfather and great grandfather, and how their house was built.

8) A timeline of what happened in which year. Very useful, doesn't belong in final novel.

9) Another scene from Simeon's point of view (Simeon may or may not be a major character in the sequel - I'm sort of fleshing him out to see).

10) Introduction to the reader. Something like this will stay in, but I'm not very happy with its current format.

3000 words to go and I'm getting a bit sick of it all. I really ought to stop, but 'winning' Nano is important to me, and more than half of my supplementary material is turning out to be useful.

Any suggestions? [profile] gnimmel's idea of a connected but standalone short story is an excellent one, but I don't think I'm clever enough for it right now.
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