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Sorry for abandoning my daily update plan.

Today is a good day for two reasons:

1) I have finished the current draft of Windrose Hall - it stands at 66,000 words.
2) I have written 40,000 words during November.

These were the targets I said I'd have to reach in order to wear my shiny Nanowrimo t-shirt that arrived earlier this week.

I said I would consider myself a Nanowrimo winner if I finished Windrose Hall and wrote 50,000 words during November, however. So I want to write 10,000 more. I'm not sure what to do. I think the options are:

1) Short stories for competitions and/or my Yuletide assignment
2) Fragments of the sequel to Windrose Hall
3) Fanfiction on Windrose Hall - this would be like fragments of the sequel, but about things I don't think should happen canonically to the characters (though obviously I might change my mind).

Thinking about what might happen to the characters next would be useful, because it might inform edits I make to the current draft. And it's a bit more within the spirit of the challenge, since some books have little tasters of what comes next as a sort of epilogue.

Fanfiction on WH might be fun.

Yuletide I have to do anyway, so I should arguably make a start.

Another competition win or two before I start sending things to agents might be handy.

What do you think?
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