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A good writing day so far today: 3048 words, and the roadtrip - which I've been having difficulty with for over a year - is just about nailed.

Today my characters were a bit dumb. I can't decide if they were too dumb.

We arrived in Bedford a little before dusk. When we got to the marketplace, Master Kit dismounted and asked a pretty red-haired girl where to find the Star Inn. She smiled at him. “Up for the May Day celebrations, are you?”
“Is it May Day?” Kit asked.
“In three days time,” said the girl.
“No,” said Kit. “I wish we could stay, but we must get to London before our money runs out.”
She laughed. “Is that a joke, is it? Gentlefolks like you? I’ll warrant you want for nothing.”
Kit sighed. “That was once true, but no more, alas. Everything we own we carry in these saddlebags.” He gestured extravagantly. “We are orphans, you see, deprived of our inheritance by a cruel usurping uncle and forced to seek our own way in the world.”
The girl’s face became a mask of tragedy. “How terrible!” she said. “Just like the hero of a play.”
“Yes,” said Kit. “Do you like plays?”
“Yes!” said the girl. “More than anything. I wish I were a boy like you. I would run away and join an acting troupe.”
“You should do it anyway!” said Kit. “No-one will think you’re a girl if you dress in the right clothes. It’s easy! Why...”
Tom kicked him between the shoulders. Leaning down, she said: “do you know if it happens to be market day tomorrow, by the way? We need to sell some of our mother’s jewellery to pay for our board and lodging.”
“It is, yes,” said the girl, looking up at her. “But I cannot let you go to the Star. They charge twice as much as they should, and the food is plain, and the beds are full of fleas. Come back with me to my mother’s house and board with us for the night.” Then she turned back to Kit. “Please,” she said. “I used to live in London and go the playhouses all the time and I miss it so much. No-one I know here has even seen a play.”

Kit: Please could you rob us?
Tom: Go on, we have lots of valuables on us.
Girl: Sure!

We have [personal profile] atreic and [personal profile] emperor over for the weekend, which is fantastic, but probably won't be great wordcount-wise. I'm going to go and have a housework break, finish my Greek assignment due on Monday and then maybe write some more.
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