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I'm beginning to get concerned about my wordcount. I didn't write much at all today (around 500 words).

But I did knuckle down and get dates and seasons sorted out. I knew that what I'd written so far takes place in Spring, but apart from that I hadn't been thinking about timescales. Or to be more precise, I was thinking about them, but only in a guilty "argh I need to get that sorted out - I wonder what they weather's like - is it still Lent? - have we had Lady Day yet?" way. I hadn't even kept a record of how far apart from one another the events in the novel were. This was proving a serious impediment to writing, as I kept getting to bits where I wanted to write something connected to the weather or the church season, or just something that happened in an earlier chapter, and I had to fudge it, which makes the writing less fun.

So now I've added two more columns to my chapter-by-chapter spreadsheet - one for the date or date range during which the chapter happens, one for relevant information about feasts (and fasts).

It's very tempting to portray today's work as lots of useful groundwork that will make future writing easier AND SO EVERYTHING'S FINE - SHUT UP. But I could have worked much harder on the actual writing bit, and got more words under my belt.

I think I need to be more disciplined and have periods of time where I ban myself from the internet. And if things haven't got better by next week, I'm going to make myself use Write or Die, which I really hate the thought of. (Sort of... I think it's a very clever idea, I just hate the thought of using it.)
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